Who we are!

        SoftNexus Solutions is a next generation global technology that offers data driven IT solutions, business services,and support. We provide Strategic guidance and technology systems for clients who wish to solve interesting Business challenges involving Cloud BI, Data science, Block-chain, software product development and deployment, Data warehousing, BI reporting and ML / AI solutions.

        We are extremely committed in delivering quality advice, sales, and support to assist our clients in order to achieve the maximum from their IT investment. SoftNexus Solutions is situated in Chennai, India and Dallas, USA., that offering fully pledged cost effective IT solutions and end-to-end outsourced staffing services which enable our clients to focus on their core businesses

         Our strength lies in perceiving the client's business processes, culture, vision and goals across the industry segments and offering client oriented solutions, which are highly reliable. We always proactively consult our clients in order to achieve high quality delivery through the support of our well experienced and highly skilled professional's blue-sky thinking.

What we do !

        We offer IT solutions and services to assist enterprises re-imagine their businesses for the digital age. In addition, we tailor the processes to meet the client's objectives, create values and needs in order to achieve the better delivery.

        In a Global marketplace where Knowledge is Power, SoftNexus offers a superior approach towards empowering client's data for the future. We recognize that enterprise data has a tremendous value which plays a vital role in maximizing the productivity and to meet the long-term business goals. Our enterprise digital strategy consulting services and a robust enterprise data strategy steadily drive the business growth in the market.

        Our team works with enthusiasm and great flexibility with the key focus on our customer's needs as being their reliable partner for IT services and solutions and working together on partnership basis in order to face the challenges of modern times.

        Our HR Professionals have been providing the world class services across the globe in diversified industries such as retail, banking, insurance, and IT at the same time we also deliver professional contract staffing across a wide range of industries.



In the Dynamic and Volatile domain of the Blockchain, a Business analyst becomes a Highly-skilled guide, choosing the right path for the project. Softnexus Solutions's Business Analyst team dives deep into Researching the Client's initial requirements and documentation, Performs the industry research, Analyzes product feasibility and Follows the Client's business vision throughout the project.



If you need a Team of specialists with profound expertise in a specialized Blockchain related technology, hiring a Dedicated Development Team from SoftNexus Solutions Blockchain Competency Center is a smart solution. We research the Technology thoroughly and organize the staff training process to provide you with the skilled and battle-ready experts at the earliest. Moreover, if you seek Custom R&D services, SoftNexus Solutions can help you organize a Competency Center of your own on our premises.


Our post-release Maintenance and Support services are aimed to help the Clients feel confident in the rapidly changing world of Blockchain. Once the Project development is completed, we provide the Clients with a Multilevel support system, a 30 days Warranty and a 24/7 Live assistance on demand. All the issues will be resolved by the same team, worked on your project.



A Basic ecosystem app intended for storing the private keys securely and trading the Crypto currencies via multiple accounts.


Analytics tools

A combination of Business Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms creates a Synergetic Analytical System.



SoftNexus Solutions builds secure multi-platform exchanges for both Digital and Fiat currencies.


Block explorer

A Specialized ecosystem app that allows to Navigate the Blockchain and Checking the balances & Transactions history.



SoftNexus Solutions builds secure Oracle applications and Establishing Blockchain-to-web communication essential for the Blockchain.


Portfolio monitor

One-stop-shop app affording access to all major functionalities needed to manage your Crypto currency portfolio.


        SoftNexus's innovative methodologies provide customers with quick responses and pragmatic processes that speed results. We drive excellence and success through our team work and celebrate success by utilizing our rare combination of skills at the heart of the process. Our revamped planning in advance with determination and dedication enriches the productivity and ensure that client's needs are met. SoftNexus focuses on custom solutions opposed to just offering technology.

        We bring product, people, program and process under one roof to solve challenging business problems and provide competitive advantage. We assist our customers to succeed and offer most trusted business support which help them to focus on scalability and elasticity. We fulfill the commitments that we undertake as we do what we say and we are not so big that any customer projects become unimportant.